RUCTION is the first full featured step-sequencer available as
VST-Instrument plugin for the PC platform (Mac version planned).

RUCTION v1.0 specifications


- 8 stereo-slots for samples, which can be assinged to 6 stereo-outs
in your host software.
- Adjustable vol/length/tune/pan/out per sample-slot
- Filter section per slot: lowpass, bandpass, highpass filters available
- Note-off recognition, velocity-sensing for expressive playing
- Adjustable shuffle parameter
- Automatic tuning of sample-loops to host‚s BPM
- parameter data compression for compatibility with logic
- support for all host-samplerates

Intuitive user interface:

- Ultra-fast sample-skipping while playback
- quick sample loading functions (drag-drop support, sample-browse
- Intelligent sample relocation
- Auto click-removal at end of samples
- Keyboard shortcuts for edit-modes
- Overfly editing: 'wipe' the steps/values by overflying with mouse
- context menus with many copy/paste/init functions for slots and

Step-sequencer features:

- Perfect sync to host's BPM
- Import/Export of ruction grooves (visit our groovezone @
- Smooth Volume/fiter frequency/filter resonance/tune/panning modulation
- 2 x 12 patterns
- Parallel pattern play
- Integrated play button for pattern preview
click on picture to see it large
More Informations

- Ruction V1.0 - User Manual (DOC)
- Ruction V1.0 - User Manual (pdf)
- Demoversion
- Ruction-Grooves
Minimum System Requirements
Processor: Pentium II
Processor speed: 266 MHz
RAM (Cache): 128 MB RAM

Hard disc: fast E-IDE
Free disc space: 3 MB

Operating system: Windows 95/98/ME/2000
Sound card: approved MME or ASIO compliant
Graphic: 256 colors @ 640 x 480 pixels

Host application: Cubase VST (5.0 R5 or higher),
Nuendo (1.5 or higher) or other VST-Instrument
compatible host software
Other Components: PC equipped according to
the specifications of the host software